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It's almost May and with it brings DOMCON! Last Summer, I took a trip to Los Angeles to attend the world famous event. I had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by all the super intelligent and potent Dominants I met. It was wonderful to be in a group with likeminded players whose power is more than likely underestimated because of their cool and subtle demeanor. I felt at home amongst these Dommes. The education was varied and meaningful, the vending was impressive, and the opportunity for play was SO ACCESSIBLE. You can see why I am so thrilled to go back this May!

With that said, I am accepting applications for service opportunities at DOMCON. If you are not registered for the event, get your act together and register HERE! Never again will you question "where are all the Dommes?", as this event is a beacon for powerful FemDom and incredibly knowledgeable educators who want to create community. The only thing missing is you.

Oh no! Did you forget to email Me to book a service opportunity, but you still want to meet? Don't fret, there are still many, many ways to get on My radar. First, register (see above link) and book your hotel room.

It is always a pleasure to meet new submissives, sissies, would-be slaves, pets, and human objects in a setting that is created just for our kink. Just remember, Domina's are all human and need our space, too. If you see Me anywhere on the hotel property during the event, just remember PASS PROTOCOL.


  • PAUSE: look around and see if I look like I want to talk to anyone. If I'm reading, drinking coffee, walking somewhere quickly, writing (especially!!!), or looking mad, do not approach. You won't like what happens when you've interrupted My solitude.

  • ASSESS: what am I doing that I need you to interrupt Me right then? If I am in a group and we are talking, stand by and wait for a moment to introduce yourself.

  • SAY: "Excuse Me, Mistress (or Goddess, or Ma'am), I wanted to introduce myself..." If you have met Me through some social media, tell Me where; I am much better with faces, but tell Me who you are on which platform and I can better remember you. DON'T drone on about your fantasy right then or what you want from Me. Use this introduction to MAKE A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION. DON'T brat with Me or use sarcasm until I have gotten to know you more, never before.

  • SILENCE: after your intro, remain quiet, and wait for My reply. While I enjoy being mean, I would rather save that for the dungeon. The convention is a very energetic event in that there are many people anticipating connections, anticipating confrontations with real life limits, and anticipating the unknown. It can be a place where nervousness is palpable and so for the sake of all those involved, your silence is golden after your introduction. Allow that nervousness to flow through you and don't forget to breathe.

Depending on how much deference you show, you may be asked to fill up My water bottle, do a coffee run for Me & My friends, buy Me a Dark Garden Corset in the vendor hall, tie My boot strings, offer a food rub around dinner time, and if you are sharp enough, negotiate an opportunity to feel your newly bought toy by having a Mistress use it on you.

You ought to book ahead, you will have many more opportunities to play that way. If you enjoy ballbusting, a whole scene can be constructed with enough lead time. If you want to be a stunt bottom for a film, indicate that in your application and I will send over appropriate paper work in advance. Cashmeets can be arranged, public humiliation is easy to take on especially since DOMCON has a few dedicated floors and suites for the entire event weekend. I also find this event to be perfect for sissies to enjoy themselves in their desired dress (no full nudity in the more public areas). Imagine a weekend long event where you get to be yourself and dress like a pretty little pink sissy. Heavenly!

I hope this info helps those on the fence to decide that DOMCON is the event of the Spring Season and that you should absolutely make the sojourn. After all, I'll be there! To apply to serve, complete this application.

See you in May!

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