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Goddess Charlotte's Birthday Month!

Greetings pets,

I'm so excited to announce it is January, My birthday month! I have let the Capricorns enjoy a healthy portion of January, but it's time for Aquarius to take over (so what if its a little early).

My content platforms are getting new offerings this month! LoyalFans is getting new audio content and several videos. JustForFans will have more content loaded. On Niteflirt, I will be creating a new listing with My Skype info. This means we'll be able to talk and cam simultaneously. Look for this in the next few weeks.

I have been away from Streamate but will be returning on Jan. 11. If you haven't been online for awhile, bring your credit card and let's have a wildly wicked time on cam. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

My wishlists are growing and finally full enough to post here. I have been wanting some new fitness equipment to supplement My exercise at home. I have also included a juicer! If you are a foodie you will appreciate the Modena Balsamic Vinegar. If you are a foot fetishist or shoe lover, I have a few pairs of fun shoes that are interesting and unique. I would also like to film content with them, so hurry over to Amazon and clear My list.

A new wishlist that I have just begun is on Wishtender!

I have included SO MUCH LATEX in this list that I would absolutely love to wear for you all. My body looks so delicious wrapped up tight in latex, lubed up and slicked down. My curves are craving glossy new rubber and since My birthday is this month, you should head to My list and buy up all the latex I have listed. Some of the pieces (like the basque in this photo) need to be completely replaced. My content list will grow by leaps and bounds with these gorgeous additions to My wardrobe. Latex transforms and molds all who dare to dress! I feel like an Empress when I am completely decked out in beautiful, glossy rubber. Make My latex dreams come true!

Health is a top priority in 2023 so I have included exercise equipment and a juicer that belong on My kitchen counter. I'll be a much happier Goddess with My very own Peloton and juicer.

Goddess has also included some much needed leather restraints and gear that will assist Me in this year's travels and scenes. You'll also find a small collection of electrostim toys that are particularly wicked to penis & ball-having persons. Shock Me by purchasing everything I have listed!

I'm so glad you're with Me now to celebrate this special time of year and I hope to reciprocate by creating the hottest content with the gifts & CASH you lovely pets provide to Me!

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