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What is A Fly Me To You?

I have had a lot of curious followers this summer imploring Me to travel to their state or to their vacation destination & the thought absolutely crosses My mind how much fun it would be to fly out and make that vacation captivity fantasy come to life. We could enjoy the coast and eat seasonal faire with the freshest seafood. Or we can do a multiday scene in a fine hotel, elaborate and complex with restraints, sensory depravation, and an inner journey lead by your Goddess.

It all sounds like a dream come true, doesn't it?

Your Goddess has a travel fantasy. A very good submissive cover's My airfare and My hotel accommodations to come to San Francisco at least 4 times a year. Everytime we meet, you hand Me your chastity key and come to My room. You hand Me you Tribute for My time in your great city which I accept & set aside. An intense moment of foot worship through My pantyhose would follow, with many long and delicious sighs. We head down to dinner, My good pet wearing a shock collar on you private bits. Torment, glee, nervousness, play. After dinner & some inescapable bondage, I kiss your forehead goodnight & send you off. The next day I am free to roam the city for treasure and personal fulfillment. I love to play in the dungeon & out and some of My superpowers are the friends I have there.

I deserve that time to relax, to socialize, to make mischief. I love doing it when I have a submissive, a patron, a sponsor who wants to see Me so much they fly Me out! I will absolutely fly out to California, Colorado, Arizona, New England, and will consider Georgia & Texas. I've begun the conversation, it's your turn to make your move closer to your fantasy made real!

Interested parties visit here for more info.

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