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Welcome to My Kinky Barbie Dominion

I am Goddess Charlotte Lashes,

a.k.a.THE  Kinky Barbie Domme.

I am Goddess, Sadist, Sovereign.

I am the West Coast's Elite Leather Domme,

Financial Dominatrix, & Fetish Queen.

I am in full possession of My power. 

My allure weakens your resolve with every move,

every glance, every utterance.

I tease and torture your body & mind,

smelting your ego and reprogramming you entirely for My personal utility.  

I am your trusted guide.

I navigate you through the unknown waters.. Surrender to transformation.

Let Me illuminate your darkness.

Who is My Ideal submissive?

Disciplined & Service-driven

Attentive, Obedient, & Humble pets



Masochists & Pain Pigs

Explorers of Genderfuckery

Pincushions for Needles

Oven Mitts for My fists

Human Furniture to use

Willing Enablers to Fund My Travel

Enthusiasts of H2O sports & FTT


I want submissives who exalt

a Powerful Goddess & Her ambitions.

I want those who are on a path

to greater self-awareness, those with integrity,

honest communication, & humility.

All those who wish to be possessed by the Goddess must endure a deprogramming protocol. The deprogramming and reprogramming will be mandatory if you wish to be considered for a collar. 

I wish to play with those who truly seek structure, surrender, & purpose under My guidance & control.

Goddess Charlotte Nylon Domme_edited.jpg

Financial Ambition$

Patrons, benefactors, and money kinksters are what keep Me dialed in for My best work.

You contribute to My ease and My comfort so that I may continue to grow My femmpire!

I will ALWAYS invite you to tribute and in turn, give you access to the spoils of your gifts. Get first footage of shopping trips you've funded for your Goddess, first to gaze upon My pedicures you've sponsored!

See exclusive footage of vacations you pay for and fine lingerie you purchase from My wishlists.

Cover My gym membership or contribute to a personal trainer.

I deserve it and you deserve to know how impactful your attention is to Me.

It's so delicious to be in on something special; join Me by investing in Me.

By investing in your Goddess. 

I invite you to visit My preferred payment platform &

send to please Me,​

send for My pretty manicures,

send because it makes you giddy!

I bet it gives you a rush, 

I bet I can make that feel even better.

I have a curated list of shops and companies I enjoy listed on My Spoil Me page.


Origin of the goddess

Coming of age amid the glamour of Southern California, the subtle, more mysterious side of life held My young interest. My early studies at school were all focused on philosophy & psychology.

A lover introduced Me to BDSM and in doing so, opened Me to an entirely different world. I was a young, attractive Blonde and all I wanted was to read everything I could on kink.

I sought every workshop and educational opportunity I could find. It brought Me directly to San Francisco. 

It was in SF I was introduced to a plethora of real community.

I was friends with Leather men and women, pups, Master/slave couples;

I greatly enjoyed flogging, paddling, cuffing, caning, tormenting,

& teasing My lovers and friends. I gave My community service with My time & skillsets.

Then, in 2009, I made the leap to Professional Domina. 

I weave a web of stories with My captives.

I am especially fond of seducing you through the duration of your session.

Coaxing from you those deep resonant moans of pleasure your body cannot deny.

It becomes so easy to surrender to Me:

My touch is electric, My gaze is transfixing,

My voice is warm & velvety dripping from My lipsticked mouth.


I bear a strong resemblance to Barbie & much like her I am also a chameleon.

I love to play with the Barbie aesthetic & also shape shift to reveal My many other presentations.

My feminine mystique, clever wit, & captivating frame combine to play many powerful roles of authority:

Mistress, trainer, coach, Stylist for feminization,

Scary Hair Dresser, earthbound Goddess, strict disciplinarian at school,

Kinky Barbie, kidnapper, interrogator, Giantess, Queen, Leather Daddy, Evil Mother,

Cruel Seductress, nurturing yet sadistic Nurse, and so many more. 

Familiarize yourself with My site and when you're ready to take the plunge, click the button at the very bottom.

Learn more about Me by clicking the arrow button below, to the bottom right: 


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