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You Can't Say That on WebCam!

Over the course of the pandemic, many professional Domina's have turned to their online presence to continue to attract new & burgeoning submissives to their fold. Trading in the sleepsack for the webcam has been the way many of us have been able to continue supporting ourselves.

For Me, camming picked up just as the pandemic was beginning & I was awash in many new clients, customers, fans, & submissives of all stripes! Much of My best work centered around age play & Mommy Domme. Embodying the Mommy archetype, I was able to hold space for My littles & guide them through play that was challenging yet cathartic. I was more than happy to be the maternal figure, changing sissy diapers, trussing up My babies in pink bondage. My rules around this play were quite easy: no expectation of nakedness (including breasts), no play pregnancy, & negotiate with Me up front about what you expect. The rest of the magic was up to Me to discern & decide how to use. My sweet, seductive voice was soothing & delicious for all littles & babies that heard it. I became proud to share that I was playing Mommy so well, I was being sought out for it.

At the same time, I began to receive requests for human toilet training, which I took to rather easily. Using human objects became second nature & the men I had requesting this form of objectification were very polite & well-mannered. We enjoyed many exchanges that were fulfilling for both of us.

I was settling into the pandemic with some comfort that I would be able to work online exclusively & My bank account was very happy. I saved so much money from not going out.

Then the New York Times dropped an op-ed piece about Pornhub allowing content with underage persons in it. While I think they should have had a better vetting process to ensure anonymous persons were not uploading content without 2257 record keeping, I thought the throttling of adult content was more than harmful. The moral panic that ensued put many of My contemporaries into an actual panic. Our income was no longer secure and a large swathe of the industry was scrambling. Most of us that care to pursue a career in the adult world understand how IMPORTANT it is to keep our records in order. Most of us have had to submit information for background checks. We just want to peddle our good old American smut like anyone else.

Almost immediately, the response was to shut down all pornography channels, all webcam, all Fan pages, & any and all adult-content platforms. Just when we thought we could live our lives out in the open, censorship pumps the breaks on our progress. The day of oversharing on the internet has now been replaced with a need for discretion. The biggest & most delayed response came from the credit card companies that had been doing business with adult-themed platforms for years. Why now were they taking notice of the finer & more nuanced language of adult content? As a response, each platform has reworked their terms of service to include language I use rather frequently. Anyone unlucky enough to have content for sale that involved the offending themes, saw their content disappear. In the reworked language, I cannot use the word "Mommy", "baby", "toilet", any words that describe age play, & any words that describe defacation or urination. Under these contracts, I cannot cam as a Mommy with any age players or adult babies. I cannot use human toilets or encouraging them to play with their filth. What is the answer to this quandry?

While I enjoy My camming platform, I have found a work-around and offer that to all who wish to connect with Me. If you are someone affected by these new language changes in the ToS, please complete My application here which should includes a $50 deposit toward your session ($100Lashes), and lets schedule you to submit to Me on Skype. I'll be your Mommy, your Goddess on high, & you can be My sissy baby, My toilet, My object. It is a joy to hold space for kinksters with good manners that wish to make their fantasies real. Thank you for your discretion; I can't wait to meet you.

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