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Suavis Vaginal Plug from Uberrime

In the final installment of My Uberrime toy reviews, I feature the Suavis Vaginal plug in size Small and with a 00-30 (squishiest) density. I only became conscious of vaginal plugs within the last year or so when a friend posted about them on their instagram story. At first, words like “How” and “Why” came to mind. My curiosity was piqued, but I was a little confused. Why would I want to plug a vagina? Why would I want to use this toy on Myself? The benefits were not obvious to Me at first. My curiosity got the better of Me and I am not one to shy away from erotic experimentation, so I was happy to accept the challenge of testing and reviewing the Suavis vaginal plug from Uberrime. 

As someone who delights in the sensation of fullness during sex, I will admit I was a little perplexed at first about what to do with the Suavis. At first look, the plug appears narrow with a little bulge. My body enjoys and is accustomed to insertion whether it be fingers, a fist, a toy, etc., so what do I do with an inert plug? I was really drawing a blank.

Uberrime makes it very clear on their website and packaging that the Suavis is for vaginal use only and one look at the size of the base, I can see why. Keep this toy in the front hole. The base is NOT FLARED or sturdy in the way an anal plug would have. I chose the 00-30 density and it has so much give, this design is simply not anal safe. For anal safe options, consider Uberrime's selection here.

The first time, I played with the Suavis plug solo. I lubed it up a little and laid back to insert it. It immediately twisted in My fingers and sucked back down into My vaginal canal. I have incredibly strong vaginal walls, so this wasn’t shocking to Me. The toy landed in a sweet spot inside me that felt rather comfortable but not really sexually pleasing, just a snug fit.

With an external vibe, the internal sensation was good, but I felt I may be missing something. I decided to try again when My lover and I had more time to explore the plug’s potential.

Dear reader, I had not considered using the Suavis in tandem with other insertables and was pleasantly surprised! The advantages of employing a vaginal plug with a partner are that even while inert, the sensation of fullness up front makes for a very pleasurable experience when teamed with anal penetration. The elusive “double penetration” sensation is achievable with the Suavis plug and an adventurous partner. My lover and I decided to test My theory.

Using the Liberator wedge pillow, I propped Myself over it with the Suavis inserted and prepared for some fun (for science!). As soon as My lover slid their fingers into My ass, I could feel the pressure of the Suavis on My G-spot. How deliciously pleasing! The shape of the toy was like an extension of My lover’s fingers and it wasn’t long before I began to crest a wave of orgasm that wouldn’t break for several minutes. I surrendered to the ride and it was so worth it. My curiosity leads Me to want to try a larger Suavis or perhaps the Sensi as this was such an enjoyable toy. 

My mind always chases its fancy when I am impressed with a new toy like this, spinning ideas of additions or slight design changes that could be fun; I’d love to see a loose bead in a cavity within the plug or a space for a vibrator to be activated remotely. Taking someone out on a date with such a plug would be an interesting experience and bring an awareness to the wearers sex they might not otherwise feel without. This little squishy slip of silicone enhances play significantly and I would easily recommend it. Buy this toy! 

The “small” size Suavis measures at 4.25” in total length and its diameter measures 1.43” and retails for $40 up to $65 for a pour of 3 different custom colors.

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