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What is KEYHOLDING & Why?

It's that time of the year again when you lock up your cock for LOCKTOBER!

I want to talk to you about one significant factor of Chastity Training that is symbolic as well as practical. It's common practice for chastity bottoms to keep a key and send one to their Mistress to keep for herself as a trophy to display on a pretty chain around her neck. It's incredibly hot to see photos of her in the world showing EVERYONE the key that holds your sex hidden. It's a total display of dominance and incredibly sexy. A beautiful woman in charge of her submissive deserves to wear that trophy and communicate to the world her power.

It is also very practical to send your Mistress the keys because sometimes intrusive thoughts pop up. It's chastity! Of course you're going to be nervous, but your Mistress is there to guide the journey. You don't have to run scared. This is a big opportunity to show your selflessness to your Mistress. Chastity is about denial and who better than your Mistress to tease and deny you with your desire contained so tightly.

I will offering strict keyholding this LOCKTOBER.

You will sign up with the intention to last one month for $100, and if you beg Me even once to send you back your keys to unlock, I will fine you $50.

I'm hosting a litany of Chastity content over on My Fansite. There will be many opportunities for you to showcase your gratitude and adoration, and I look forward to using My clips and audios to creep into your mind and hold you captive in more ways than a simple cage can contain.

For those chastity slaves who wish to take this journey further, let's chat. Indicate your desire in My application form. I have virtual domination sessions on Skype, as well as Loyal Fans. It is a joy to play with denial in all ways. If you would like to be locked up by Me in a session, communicate that in your inquiries to Me.

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