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What is a Sissy?

I have had many self-identified sissies come to Me asking for training or looking for some kind of attention. Sometimes sissies want to dress up and dance, some like to be humiliated in unique ways, some do not like penetration. There end up being as many definitions of "sissy" as there are actual sissies. While I do believe in sissy agency, I have found their are 3 things about sissies I find to be true for most sissies.

Sissies get to be vulnerable. The most macho men I've met have been the best sissies. I can understand it. You're a wound up cisgendered man. You walk the razor thin line of masculinity every day and it takes its toll. These kinds of guys may find the vulnerability, guilelessness, and placid thoughtlessness of being a sissy attractive. When you live a kind of masculinity that is constantly taking away your ability to be soft in public, you can be soft and pink in private. The transformation of living in your sissiness is escapism at its best as you take off the heavy yoke of gender responsibility to manhood. Now you can breathe and each exhalation is a prayer of thanksgiving to the Sissy Goddesses! Laugh, giggle, be silly, be cute. Enjoy being in your body as a sissy. Give yourself that gift.

Sissies get to be sexual objects. This is a very appealing idea to many sissies with which I have spoken. Sissies are often not shy about being available. Sissies often want to use their holes to pleasure FemDoms, sometimes men. Some enjoy penetration and some don't. Many sissies enjoy dressing up and making themselves attractive with makeup and fashion. As mentioned above, I have had a lovely sissy who did not like penetration, but I loved to play with all of her sweet lingerie sets. She would model them for Me and really got off looking sexy in this way; it was thrilling for both of us and it really helped her fulfill her fantasy!

Sissies get to wear better underwear. Men, be honest. Do you actually enjoy wearing those boxer briefs, or those far-too-roomy boxers? Sissies have discerned correctly that tighter fitting underwear is always best. I have never seen a sissy with boring underwear, NEVER. Pink, lace, rosettes, black spiderweb lace, purple satin, frills, bows, ruffles on the butt. From full butt panties to slutty hot pink thongs, sissies always have waaaaay better unmentionables to mention.

What else is a sissy? The spirit of sissy lives inside any man that feels his sexual side is slutty, soft, and lingerie-adorned. The trick is finding a Dominatrix or Mistress who enjoys sissies. I certainly adore feminizing My sissies and making them vulnerable for Me. I find the whole process to be very positive for both My sissies and Me.

Are you a sissy? Contact Me if you would like to play online.

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Oct 04, 2021

The sissy in me (and my holes) love to be vulnerable - don items which to most are feminine. You hit it squarely - no surprise once again. The 'spirt of sissy' has lived inside of me for many decades; I love working from home, strutting around in heels dress slacks blurring the lines. It is liberating.

~ trae

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