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Today is July 22nd and I received an application this morning from a prospect who has not been vaccinated. He contracted COVID-19 and never got vaccinated. This is a huge red flag for Me.

For the complete duration of the pandemic, I stayed home. When I say I didn't leave My house, I mean I didn't go out to shop for groceries, I didn't walk My dog, I never went anywhere because I (like many people who believe in science) was afraid of contracting the worst virus that had been unleashed on our planet in years. With a lack of real leadership in the Executive branch of government, I did not trust anything coming out of the White House.

As the months ticked by, My whips and restraints were gathering dust. My sole source of income became online camming because returning to the dungeon was not only a foolish decision, it was an unavailable one. I literally had no dungeon to work in anymore. While this made Me reel at first, I settled into a rhythm with camming that sustained Me financially and somewhat socially through the duration of the pandemic.

When Democratic leadership started to turn the U.S. into a safer direction away from the virus, scientists were finally allowed to work on development of a vaccine, it was the first relief I had felt in many months. There was finally light at the end of the tunnel for many pros. I could begin to plan for a future post-vaccine. One by one, I saw My colleagues and friends posting on Twitter about getting their vaccines. When I went to get My own vaccinations, I was so elated to finally have a chance to build immunity against the virus. Even though I had an immune response to the vaccine, I was more than happy to endure it for the sake of leaving My pandemic-induced agoraphobia behind.

I lived through the pandemic and if you are reading this, you did too. It feels good to have the assurance of being vaxxed, though I continue to wear masks when out in public as I know a large portion of the population has refused to get vaccinated. Whether it is because of the misinformation campaigns proliferated by the right or simply by ignorance, there are far too many people in our U.S. population who are not vaxxed. It is to these people I say, GET VAXXED.

I will say it here, shout it from the rooftops, and repeat it on Twitter again if I must, but if you do not have your COVID-19 vaccinations, I won't be allowing you into My personal space. You will not be allowed to session with Me or serve Me in person. NO VAXX = NO PLAY

My application process is simple: supplicants must send a clear photo of their vaccination card without their last name along with a clear photo of their ID so that I can have peace of mind when considering them for a booking. As soon and I deem the supplicant is a good fit for Me, I destroy all emails and photos. I have the right to ask and supplicants have the right to refuse. I ask for this info and it is either given to Me freely or it is not. I also have the right to refuse service to anyone I deem unfit to enter My space. I will not *willingly* bring in any persons who I know have not been vaccinated. Not only is it fair it is more responsible choice to err on the side of public health. If you don't like it, GET VAXXED.

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