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'Twas the Eve of Locktober

'Twas the Eve of Locktober and all through the land,

The cages were twitching on many a man,

The locks fastened tightly with no room to budge,

Just a snug little cage for their Mistress to judge.

All the boys waiting, they shivered in fear,

With daydreams of punishment in their minds, clear,

31 Days & 31 Nights,

"What have we signed up for?" they're faces afright,

"Decenter your cock," was the Mistress advice

"Get you mind off your nut, Put your balls on some ice

For Locktober is not for immediate thrill,

It's a practice, enduring My rules & My will."

All the locked cocks were trembling with dread,

While Leather clad Dominas danced through their heads.

Yes, the eve of Locktober, all fretting & fuss,

Men's genitalia aching with lust,

The resolute pledge their attention to Her,

To deny themselves wholly, to suffer, endure,

Clothespins & paddles & buckets of ice,

Policing your boner with a device.

"Tempted?" She quipped ,as she dangled the keys,

"Don some panties & gloves & come listen to Me,

Scrub your toilets, your bathtubs, your kitchens, your sink,

Go for long walks, cook a meal, write & think,

Make your free time more useful," She said to Her men.

"Read some good authors, pick up your pen,

Make a list of activities you tend to neglect.

Knock them out one by one with a slash or check.

Occasional edging may be on your slate,

EDGING, no cumming, resigned to your fate."

It's the eve of Locktober, time's drawing near,

Will you lock yourself up despite all your fears?

Will you subject your body and quiet your mind,

Show up for your Domme, make use of your time?

Meditate daily on how you will ache,

Humping air, hopelessly, stroking your cage.

Surrender your cock to your Mistress this eve,

Fix a lock, send the key, if you choose this reprieve.


Good evening, welcome to Locktober. When you have located your cock cage and chosen to follow My lead this Locktober, take a moment to breathe and sit with the reality t

hat you will be sending Me the key for an entire month. A long month, maybe longer!

1. When you're ready, set the lock and place your key in a secured envelope with a note including your:

  • name

  • email address

  • the make and model of your chastity cage or

  • copy & paste the link of the cage's retail link

I will keep track of your chastity this way, marking *your key* specifically to you.

2. Join My Locktober Mailing List here for daily updates.

3. Please use CashApp to *discreetly* send $150 to Me for holding your key.

Use this key emoji 🔑 in the subject line.

Please do not write anything in this field other than the key emoji.

Keys sent without tribute will be destroyed.

4. The cage is symbolic extension of My grip on your sexual freedom.

Wear it with pride.

It is a leash on your attention, a means to guide your erotic thought toward worship of your Goddess.

Enjoy orgasm denial for My amusement as I forbid you to cum for an entire month.

I will direct you via Twitter or email list with assignments, erotic images, hot stories, audio clips, and worshipful edging.

Your honoring our agreement will look like

  • responsiveness to My messages

  • honesty when/if you unlock/accidentally cum

  • clear communication during the entire month of Locktober

  • Making yourself available for weekly check-ins

  • Getting comfortable being uncomfortable

I am so pleased to share this adventure with you! Join My stable of chaste men NOW!

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