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Trust is a thing many in power dynamics take for granted, especially in heteronormative vanilla couples. I talk in My cam show about trust and honest communication with My followers. Some say they "don't have limits", they don't want to share their boundaries, yet still want a particularly brutal scene I don't think they are safe to do. I, as the Dominant and more experienced player in the discussion, have to trust Myself and step away from those people if they won't hear Me out. I have to teach many grown men how to think of their own bodily safety before going from zero to 60 with play. Often, this is the first time they have considered their vulnerability and that can be frightening to wake up to at any point in a person's adult life.

Now I have come into contact with many people (men, women, non-binary, etc.) that *have* given some thought to bodily autonomy and safety. These are players I absolutely LOVE to play with. We are on the same page and they understand that the more information I have, the better our scene will be. They TRUST in Me to share their fears and doubts. They TRUST in Me to hear their desires and requests. They TRUST that the information they give to Me is used in their best interest and stays with Me only. They TRUST Me to remain as safe as possible and if something *does* go wrong, they TRUST that I will call the scene and take care of them.

Submission is a gift, good Dominants understand this and go to great lengths to ensure they are doing everything in their power to be prepared for their bottoms and slaves. Being blessed with someone's implicit trust is a big responsibility. For Dominants we are not only responsible for our slave, but also for ourselves. Good Dominants know when it is time to take a day off, do self care, and get rest. We try to pass this on to our submissives and teach you the importance of listening to your body, checking in with yourself about responsibility-load, and being honest with yourself about what is and is not possible for the time being. A good Dominant will take note of Her submissive's change in energy and become the confidante in this moment. It is in this very moment that vulnerabilities come to the surface, truths are revealed, and healing can begin through this communication.

Dominants don't want you to have no limits, be robots, have zero empathy. We actually enjoy playing with real humans who consent to our arrangement. We get a thrill knowing that you, the submissive, are simply beaming with adoration when we meet. If We do turn you into our playthings, its because you whole-heartedly consented. You value the erotic liberation We provide you. Your service and submission *is* a gift.

We absolutely respect you for being upfront and honest when you share what gets you off. Awhile back, a potential submissive in My cam show asked Me if I lost respect for men that I peg and/or feminized. I was a bit shocked as I could not see what he meant. Then I thought, "this must be a projection; this must be what *he* thinks I must think." I sat there for a moment, shocked. Why would I have less respect? You trusting Me, being vulnerable with Me is no sign of weakness. It's quite the opposite, I may have even MORE respect for a man that allows Me into his mind and body than one who *does not* trust Me.

Showing Me who are and entrusting Me to share what you want is not a sign of weakness, it's a show of strength and I want to keep encouraging that.

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04 de out. de 2021

These prose are music to my ears. TRUST is what make the journey exciting. Knowing that You know and sense where my potential wall is...and getting U/us to the next false summit and then push on towards wherever the session might end - mmmm TRUST. ty so much

~ trae

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