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Summer Update🌞

It's been a dynamic few months for Goddess and I'd like to give My readers an update: two valid rants, a recounting of My recent trip to the California Coast and some upcoming travels to Los Angeles later this summer.

A sea cliff with several cypress trees in the foreground frame the fog and blue ocean off in the background. Through the trees branches, the warm summer sun sets in the Northwest, casting rays upon all the plants and trees.
Mendocino Coast. Photo by Goddess Charlotte Lashes

Earlier this summer, the Pacific NorthWest suffered a massive heatwave rendering yours truly unable to cam or work much at all. I sat around in My underwear drinking cool electrolyte beverages, watching Rick & Morty reruns, and doing My best to not get too irritable. Oddly enough, however, if I were to decide in which environment I would spend eternity, I would enjoy hotter climes over colder ones. That is, if we humans can restrain ourselves from setting fire to our land, which leads Me to fireworks.

Fourth of July rolled around again this year. For reasons I won't go into here, I cannot and do not enjoy celebrating.

When I was younger, My city would blow off fireworks in a controlled setting that would delight and entertain throngs of people. They were safe and visually stunning. Fast-forward to the present and I have finally gotten over the charm of watching and listening to explosions in the sky. My region allows fireworks, unfortunately. That means I am surrounded by neighbors who blow shit up. All I could think about while I was listening to the cacophonous riot on either side of My little house were the wildlife fearing for their life and military veterans hunkering down or escaping the whole scene for solace in quietude. My dog and cat huddled close, afraid the world was ending. If you blow off amateur fireworks, I will assume you do not care about the land on which you occupy or the retired military members plagued with PTSD from real fire fights.

I had been packing and planning for My trip to California's wine country in the days leading up to the 4th of July, and was enjoying Schramsberg sparkling wine the very next night. What a joyous reprieve from the noise of the following evening.

Sonoma county, while on severe water-restrictions, couldn't beat Me from enjoying the pool and luscious weather. I stayed in a friends ginormous house and took several dozen photos in the hot tub. You can find the latest sets from those aquatic escapades here.

I took a few days to enjoy the California Coast and it was every bit as majestic as one would imagine. It took My breath away on more than one occasion and I found Myself tearing up, taking in all the beauty and splendor of the coastal scene. My good friend and I escaped into the forest and parts north of Sonoma to search for good wine and a few quiet spots under the canopy of trees. I have more of those breathtaking images coming soon to My JustForFans page. I'll be releasing those soon, so why don't you subscribe and worship My beauty and adventures from afar.

One more exciting piece of news, I will be traveling back to California, more specifically to Los Angeles for DOMCON LA August 18-23. I'm thinking a whole new post might be more appropriate for explaining all that will be available there.

Watch this space.

If you are chomping at the bit (human pony joke, lol) to come serve Me in the flesh, even just for the day, go to DOMCON LA, and get yourself a weekend pass or day pass! I'm looking forward to enjoying the submission and service of several pets and playthings when I am there. Won't you join in the frolic?

Thank you for your continued patience with My blog. My updates have been few and far-between, but sometime during My California trip, I felt a shift within Me and I'm really excited to dive even further into My stimulating Dommecraft.

Come by again soon, we have all the best stories and updates here.

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