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Dear perverts,

I have been down with COVID for the past two weeks after returning from a fantastic time at DOMCON LA, but I am coming around and healthy enough to start thinking about Summer Fun & travel!!

I have a few things lined up that I am so excited to tell you about! I'm thrilled to bring yet another chastity challenge to My followers beginning June 15th exclusively on LoyalFans

If you don't join there, you're out of luck Chuck!

Wanderlust has got a hold on Me and I am itching to come back to the Bay Area sometime this summer. July is looking perfect for a California getaway and I want so much to catch up with My very good pets and ProDom family! If you are curious to join Me, please inquire here. Along with West Coast travel, it's high time I ventured out to NYC for some debauchery!

DOMCON LA gave Me such a great opportunity to meet a plethora of fiercely powerful East Coast Dominas! With that said, I think it's time for Me to pack My suitcase again and head to the Big Apple. Am I a new face for you? Please take your time to peruse My site and when you have decided to book, find the link above and make your introduction. I am strict about My screening and do not accept mediocrity.

If you are living that grey flannel life & longing for cathartic release, if you're sweating on the NY Stock Exchange floor, hard at work churning and burning to make that wealth you know belongs in My hands, click that link above and apply to serve Me in NYC. The marks I leave don't need to be visible to be impactful.

In Leather,

Goddess Charlotte Lashes xo

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