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How to Apply to Serve

My application process is relatively painless, yet I continue to find most applications are not as thorough as I would like them to be. With this in mind I think it appropriate to outline with more specificity, the kind of submission application Goddess likes to read.

Let Me know what you want to do most. For the time being, I am still only seeing supplicants through virtual means. Don't let that stop you for giving Me some detail about what you really want. The idea is to communicate as thoroughly as you can so that I can meet you at your level. Whether you have years of experience serving other Dominatrices or are just beginning to journey outside your comfort zone, think your ideal meeting through. Consider what is reasonable within the timeframe and share your scenario.

Limits are incredibly important. Safewords help to protect those limits. You will note that I stated earlier in My webpage that limits are mandatory. Stating that you "have no limits/boundaries" is not only a red flag for most Professionals, but it appears as if you have not examined your own self. Sharing your limits and boundaries are beneficial for you because it helps Me to understand where *not* to go, what words *not* to say. My ideal supplicant has spent some time getting to know themself. As Socrates would say "an unexamined life is not worth living." A body and mind unexplored can be unpredictable when approaching something as deep as BDSM, so it really behooves you to journey inward, note the limits and boundaries within and trust in Me to lead you away from harm.

If you have any medical considerations, it is a good idea to share that info with Me, too. I am not a medical professional, but I have been around long enough to know there is certain play that can be hazardous when combined with certain medications. If you take blood thinners, I will not encourage you to do impact play or anything that could result in bleeding. Even if you serve Me online, I need you to take care of yourself and do the right thing. Blood pressure meds can encourage syncope when the arms are raised over the head which can result in a fall. This is not a good thing if you are leaning against the wall. Please use your best judgement and either state that certain play and positions are off limits or share with Me your physical limitations and we can work around them. I have been known to be an imaginative Domina and there are many ways to have dirty fun.

How would you like to feel while you are in the moment? Do you love to be publicly humiliated, used on the spanking bench, or blank like pretty soft-brained display doll? Tell Me what you desire to feel when you submit to Me and define it. No word has a universal definition. For example: feeling slutty can be empowering for some and humiliating for others. If you want to feel slutty, tell Me what that means for you, and what does that look like? What activities define your version of slutty? The same thing applies for "used", "smothered", "nurtured", "violated", or any other term that pushes your buttons.

When the session is over, how do you wish to feel then? Aftercare is always an option, but for the most part, try to think of how you wish to feel when all is said and done. Do you dream of doing a walk of shame? Do you need some warmth and a kind word after a particularly challenging scene? Nearing the end of a session, I find it useful to do a cool down where I may bring you back down to Earth, but if you wish to feel some other way, please share that with Me and I can craft a scene with the appropriate tone.

To conclude, all of these considerations are just that: thoughtful consideration. At the end of the day, they help and protect you. Self examination is a big part of enjoying BDSM and kink on a deeper level. Each scene is like an experiment to further understand ourselves and to tap deeper into our psyches. Thank you for including these elements when completing My application.

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