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Genitorture for the New Year

Not too long before we all celebrated the coming of a new decade, I met up with a submissive I enjoy torturing very much. After a nasty three weeks of flu, he was healthy and ready to play. I'd been hungering for a willing bottom since the last time I pricked and poked him with needles and impact toys. blue has a poor sense of self-preservation, as he likes to say. I would have to agree. What sane man gives a sadistic lady an e-stim training collar for his cock and balls? But I digress.

I was happy to be meeting up with blue. After exchanging pleasantries, he took my coat and knelt before me, the thick leather collar not 5 inches from his arm. I didn't pack much; my little tote back belied what sadistic pleasures lay therein. I kept it near to me while I presented blue his collar, a symbol of my dominion over him. blue ceremoniously kissed the collar in my hands before I fastened it tightly around his neck.

I smiled at blue. I stared down into my purse and looked up at him with wide eyes and a big grin.

"Would you like to see what I brought today?"

He was absolutely quaking with delight,"Yes, please."

Inside were a few very slender instruments, these I slowly removed and displayed carefully, one-by-one: a slim spatula and a medical staple kit. Two more items fell to the bottom of the bag, I would need those later. My small bag of black nitrile gloves was in my side pocket and before he could tell, blue saw me snap the second glove right onto my hand. I stretched and squeezed my hands into fists. I sat back and sighed. Touching my fingertips together and sitting back in his Eames chair, I looked like a consummate villian with him sitting so pathetically at my booted feet.

"I want to staple your cock up into your balls. Ok?" It was a pretty reasonable suggestion.

blue looked up at me, then over to the coffee table, then back to me. Then a confused grin began to spread across his face. His eyebrows were furrowed, but his body language looked willing. With his hands plastered behind him "at ease" style, he seemed to dance in his torso and twist like an excited boy.

"How does this sound? Can I put some staples in your junk today? It doesn't have to look perfect, but shall we try?" I asked this time.

"Yes, my Lady. That sounds like so much fun," he replied.


It took him not two seconds before he was splayed on the floor, his tall body completely defenseless in my hands.

I needed to work quickly to secure his flaccid cock within his scrotum, and I could tell, I was running into some trouble. Big ball trouble.

"Looks like they're not going to let me have the space I wanted, boy. Better put in a few staples here to start making a pocket."




"Yeoooow!" cried blue.

"Should I stop?" I asked, just to be sure.

"No no, please keep going..."

And so I did....ten more times. blue's testicles were now stapled in on themselves. I had tried for the very life of me to squeeze his now aroused cock into this cavity. It was proving rather difficult by this time. I finished up his balls with a few more reinforcing staples *sNiP* *sNiP*

Then I took a look at his problem cock.


"boy, your cock has it's own plans today, doesn't it? I guess I had better try something different." Always keeping blue in the know, even when he gladly submits his flesh to my CBT shenanigans! "But I think I need something that's not here, go fetch me a gag. Hurry up!"

blue shot up and scurried into the other room, his tightly drawn scrotum, barely moving as he came back into the room with a smile, a leather strapped ball gag in his grasp. After fastening it to his head, blue knelt before me, I assessed the gag. Now that he was thoroughly quieted, I could truly begin to work.

"Lay down for me, boy."

"Ynngggg Maaaawwweee." Listening to him attempt to enunciate the words always gave me a titter.

"Good boy. Now let me just feel around for a moment here. Yes...hmm..."

"Uhhhhhggg, uhhhh gnnnn."

"Yes, boy. I'm going to turn it inside out now," it's so important to keep bottom's in the know.

I was doing my best to work his corona back down into the shaft, using the sheath of skin to form a tube.

blue's cock was about to be hermetically sealed. My thumb and forefinger were pinching the shaft tube shut while my remaining fingers squeezed the cock head down to keep it from popping up and out. I thought in my head, "like a jack in the box! What a silly boy!" I laughed to myself and blue looked up to see me smile. He exhaled through his nose in a long, satisfied sigh, the edges of his cheeks tightened, his eyes crinkled. He was smiling, too.

*cLiP* *sNiP*

*cLiP* *sNiP*

blue's cock was now a nub.

*cLiP* *sNiP* *cLiP*

I heard his muffled shrieks hit a new octave I wasn't aware blue could reach. I looked over, to him.

"Doing alright?" I asked, slyly?

"MMHMM, MMHMM!!!" he nodded madly.

The little pain cushion had never felt medical staples and was already hooked!

"Well," I replied,"I'll just have to see how far we can push these staples today."

I had blue stand up and look down at what I had done to him. A little laugh of delight escaped the gag as he looked down over his belly. Where was his cock? What was this nub? He made sounds that were a mixture of exasperation and joy, though I couldn't tell which.

"Shall we play with them?" I asked him seriously, my eyebrows up, the spatula in my hand. blue's eyes widened when he put together what was about to happen. He gave me a solemn nod with a look reminiscent of a sad puppy. He put his hands behind him again and presented me his tortured genitalia. There was just a little bit of blood, not much at all. His whinching and wimpering were for such small pricks. Utterly ridiculous, I'll give him something to whimper about, I thought to myself.

"Are you ready, boy?" I held the spatula a few inches from blues scrotum. I could see a bead of sweat forming on his brow. I smacked the inside of blue's thighs and warmed him up. *pop pop pop* Three on each thigh. He was awake now!

"Let's just see what you can take with all these staples in, shall we?" Poised to strike again, I fixed my eyes on his shortened cock, took it in my left hand and used the spatula to smack it hard."


"Was that a thank you?"

blue nodded emphatically.

"Good, let's do it again." *SMACK* This time, my eyes never left their gaze, fixed on blue's face. He was in some kind of pain reverie I could only imagine, his nervous system, awash with endorphins.

I reached over and picked up the staple remover.

"blue, perhaps we should take these out. It seem like maybe its too much for you."

"MMMmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm." His eyes were pleading with me not to stop.

"So does this mean you'd like for me to continue?"

blue again nodded emphatically.

"Good boy," I cooed. I turned around the staple remover so that it was upside down and tightened one of the staples on his scrotum. I felt his flesh pull away from my grasp. He whimpered pathetically.

"Hold still, you naughty thing. It's almost as if you want to run away from me, and I know you would never want to do that."

I tightened another staple. blue yowled through his gag. I could see the tiny piece of medical grade stainless steel cling tightly to the cleave I had created between the right and left hand side of blue's scrotum. A tiny bit of blood was starting to appear.

In a moment of brilliance, I remembered something was missing and needed to be fixed straight away.

"boy, go fetch me some bells and some dental floss."

Again, blue was quick to honor my directive and immediately produced a small plastic baggy and tiny floss box without delay. This time, I had blue lay down. His nub pointing to the heavens.

I took out a small jingle bell. The light, faint sound laughed and danced within the bell while I threaded dental floss in through one side and fixed a small knot. With one of the remaining medical staples, I stapled the bell to blue's cock. *sNiP*

"Ffffffhhhhh!" He was hitting that octave again, but had not gestured for his safeword.

Ding ding-ding....the bell rolled around on his tightly drawn genitalia, all the sensitive meat lay beneath his skin.

"Sit up, boy. I'd like for you to get your bearings and when you can, stand up and do a little dance for me."

blue took a moment to stand up, his cock and balls were so tucked in! The tiny bell swung to and fro.

"Don't you look perfectly charming! Now, do a little dance while I sing. Are you ready? Ok! 'Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...!'"

blue's body gyrated and his hips jiggled to make his bell jingle jangle. I clapped to help keep time for my accompanist.

"And a one horse open sleigh! AGAIN! JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS...WITH GUSTO!!!"

His dance was more manic now, I was thrilled. He lifted his knees higher now and turned in a circle. His bell jingled all the way!

"Alright, alright. Very good job, boy. You really know how to put on a show for Mistress. Well done." I could see blue beam.

"Come over to me now, we've had lots of fun, but we should try and wind down a bit. But wait, I just have one more thing..."

"Hnnnnn mmmmmm." He watched as I reached for my purse once more and pulled out one black and one red permanent marker. My smile intensified.

"What should we do with these? Let's see if we can't have some more fun after removing a few more of these staples."

He lay down on the floor without any utterances or hesitations. I kept the markers near my thigh while I worked. I took my time, teasing blue mercilessly all the while.

After removing most of the staples from blue's balls, I turned my focus to his miserable stump. The cock head was just behind those staples. It begged to break through. It looks a little like a face, I thought. I had an idea.

I pulled the lids off of both markers and started drawing a little face on blue's nub. Though I had poor control of the marker tips, what I created for the boy's cock was inspired. He appeared surprised with a sprig of red hair, indicated by the red lines coming up and out between it's eyebrows. I used the red marker to outline the "lips", the shaft skin exposed and stapled. Of course this little cock creature had the voice of SNL's Mr. Bill so blue and I had a marvelous laugh over what Mr. Hand was going to do to Mr. Nub!

"Ohhhh nooooo, Mr. Hand, please noooooooo!"

We both giggled.

I took my time undoing each staple. In some cases, I tightened the staple before removing it, just to make sure the boy was paying attention. The last few came out and blue's flaccid cock telescoped out, the crude red "lips" became a jagged ring around the shaft. His junk was fine, his head was in the clouds.

blue then knelt before me while I stood over him. I placed my hands on either shoulder, looking down into his face.

"Thank you for being such a good cock puppet for me today, and for being so quiet, too!" I really loved his obedience, I hadn't had to correct him very much and that really made for a fun time. He looked very proud as he puffed his chest out a bit and attempted a smile with his gag.

I continued,"I'm going to remove the gag now. Rest your jaw for a moment before attempting to speak. Your water is for you over there."

The drool oozed from his dry lips as the gag came out; he was having a hard time fully closing his mouth. I motioned for him to drink his water.

I cleaned up and collected my things. blue was left with a small mess to tidy and toss as I instructed. On my way out, blue helped me with my coat, "I really really missed you, my Lady. Happy New Year to you."

"Happy New Year, to you, boy. I hope to see more of you in the new year?"

He smiled,"Yes, my Lady."

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