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Dungeon Opening Soon

After getting fully vaccinated, I'm very happy to announce that I will be returning to the dungeon soon. This is a great time for eager submissives to make an impression with Me and follow all session inquiry protocol to ensure you are toward the top of My list.

My application process will change as I add in-person dungeon sessions to My offerings, so do look for that as it is forthcoming. All inquiries will need to submit legal name, a clear photo from your drivers license or passport, and a clear and legible photo of your COVID-19 vaccination card.

I will be enforcing a mask-wearing policy for all new supplicants. If you choose not to comply, you will be in breech of our agreement and I will send you away. I enjoy sharing space and receiving service and total submission from cooperative and obedient pets ONLY. That cooperation and obedience begins when you complete and submit all that is asked of you. Failure to comply with any of My requirements will result in your application not being considered.

I will be requiring a 50% deposit for all sessions. You may pay the balance before the session on the day of our meeting. If you do not provide tribute up front, you will be sent away. Visits with a Domina such as Myself are a privilege few can truly afford. Show Me you are aligned with My principles by tributing the rest of the balance unprompted.

Watch this space as more information becomes available. I will be so pleased to finally step back into a real space made for My sadistic pleasures. slaves, submissives, pain pigs, toilets, hand puppets, sissies, bottoms, and footstools, start drafting a nice introductory note to drop into your application to make a good first impression. I anticipate reading all of your imaginings and fantasies you wish to manifest while in My care.

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