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How to Apply to Serve Me (In-Person vs. Skype)

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

I've been enjoying an influx of interest from new applicants, but I'm noticing there is a lot of confusion over what I offer and when I'm offering it. It is because of this confusion that I have been moved to include this post for maximum clarity.

In-Person Sessions

These are live sessions with people in the same room together. I call them "Dungeon Sessions" since they take place in a real dungeon with real toys in real time. The application process is more rigorous for In-Person sessions as those without COVID vaccinations are NOT PERMITTED TO PLAY WITH ME. I am strict and unmoving on this policy as it is highly important to Me that My clients follow My rules and act in the manner that is best for public health and safety. Be prepared to share your vaccination card with Me when you apply. You do not need to share your last name in the photo you are required to submit in your application, but I do need to see that you have indeed gotten vaccinated

Application for In-Person sessions can be found here.

Distance Sessions

These sessions are on the computer, more specifically on Skype. These are great sessions for those who are too distant geographically to be in the same dungeon space with Me. I offer these sessions as an alternative to In-Person sessions (especially for those who are geographically remote or for those who are not well enough to enter My dungeon space). The application for Distance play can be found here.

Thank you for reading My website thoroughly to avoid any more confusion when you apply to serve.

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