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Catching Up With Ourselves

From the beginning of the COVID pandemic, I knew this would mean I was going to see precious little of the dungeon and spend much more time in front of my Logitech cam and computer screen. It's the second day of August and here we are, still struggling to keep COVID under control. What's a Goddess to do?

I had some fretful weeks: bad days, writer's block, uninspired because of shelter in place. We've all been faced to look at our value systems at this time. The BLM movement has been a great example of how this downtime has been useful in self-reflecting, aligning one's actions with one's values and digging deep to unearth our own personal fears, shame, shortcomings. No one said growth was easy, but it's progress.

I've taken this time to begin cultivating a mindfulness practice to look deeper within for my own growth. This life is a precious one and we have the power within us to be our own personal savior or demon. We make daily decisions with our precious time to live with love and joy while many of us let societal norms and mores dictate what should and shouldn't be done. This is self-imposed misery and excuse to not try harder and do better.

Tradition does not always know what is best for progress, so telling yourself over and over that men need to act this way or that is the most detrimental thing you can possible allow to happen. Men are many and varied, different tastes and desires. Most of all men who are truly respectable men, allow themselves to feel and process their emotions, are not easy to succumb to peer pressure, think and speak for themselves, and know when they are wrong. Removing the yoke of societal expectations means allowing yourself to see color for the first time, or breathe deeply without issue for once.

Whatever any of us has been taught is most likely wrong and we are doing our best now, during this long period, to reflect and rebuild from the inside out. Women are leaders, men can wear lingerie, women can wear the cock, men can enjoy it. Life is not a dress rehearsal, it is LIVE! So I invite you to take some of this time to think about what you really want to be in life, how you want to be. Fearful? Worried? Then you will be. Do you want to live up to your fullest potential? Are you excited to know who you can be? Hold that joy within you and cherish it for what it is: a spark of curiosity to be in better harmony with ourselves.

Do you want to change your world? Start believing you can. Start inside and work your way out.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

Lao Tzu

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