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Beauty & The Feast: Toilet Training

My blog posts up until now have been informative and rather tame. Today, I venture to wax poetic about one of My more taboo offerings: Toilet Training & Full Toilet. One of life's simple pleasures takes on new meaning and purpose when I have My own human toilet to use and feed. The intimate act of bearing witness to Goddess' void is in itself a glorious gift. My legs rest on a perfect white toilet seat while My ass cheeks open up to reveal a puckering asshole through which so much shit will flow.

Pissing on men is one of the most natural things for Me as a Dominatrix. I've been giving golden showers professionally since I was 20 years old. I've pissed with abandon down the gullets of many a man and showered their bodies & cocks with My hot effluence. Likewise, I am no stranger to anal irrigation and have administered countless enemas during My career. I would play with the idea of toilet training off and on, but never had anyone interested. That would change mid-Pandemic.

The lockdown from COVID-19 drove everyone indoors for many months and so many leaned in to their kinks for an escape. I began receiving notes from a very sweet submissive who made a point of declaring his desire to serve Me as My toilet. It was then that I knew My desire to feed a toilet would be realized.

I arranged a time to meet with this new toilet after several online meetings. I had a large coffee with Me that I was swigging in regular intervals to prepare My bowel and had eaten a sizable dinner and breakfast in preparation. This man who was sitting across from Me was about to lay on the floor and absorb My shit into his mouth and stomach and looked up at Me with great admiration.

Finally, it hit Me, the urgency to shit came over Me and I directed My toilet to take his place under the toilet seat. He got fully undressed but for his chastity and laid down. The toilet's mouth was open wide. Toilet had listened to Me about blacking out the open space beneath the seat with a few lights pointed up at My Divine ass. He was forced to look up while I pushed My boot heels into his balls. The breath of My toilet cooled as it wafted across My ass cheeks, feeling it on My loosening sphincter. The wonderful sensation of tension breaking welled up inside Me and felt a fat shit slide out of My asshole. A stream of piss soon followed it and I could hear My toilet gnashing his teeth and chomping on My shit. His body wretched only once but he kept eating and eating. What a good toilet!

My toilet continues to walk around and live his life with a little bit of Me living inside of him. I get such a thrill musing about how this man could be reduced to such a shit-hungry pervert; it really lightens My mood a puts a huge grin on My face.

It became clear to Me that day that I have a predilection for pooping in men's mouths. It is an honor and privilege to be fed from My Divine Derriere. I get sick satisfaction knowing I have fed My toilets well & with gusto!

For more information about how you can learn to be a toilet, contact Me. I'm rather proficient in the ways of training you to be a dutiful and obedient waste receptacle with step-wise methodology.

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