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I Left My Leather Heart in San Francisco...

Lovely reader, I have returned from My city by the Bay refreshed and renewed after a fulfilling Advanced Pro Intensive at the famed SM Arts Academy with Madame Cleo DuBois, Mistress Eve Minax and Mistress Selina Raven.

What an absolute privilege to be chosen for this new course! My experience entering this sacred space with like-minded and like-hearted Dominas will be something I hold dear for the rest of My life. Each one brought their own specialty, their own proclivities, and kinky fascinations. Each of us had a chance to play with the same number of stunt bottoms as we for the entire weekend.

Our sage head mistresses modulated our intensive to give us the theoretical education, practical application, and technical correction we need to learn good habits for our play. No questions were off limits:

"How does this feel when I cane this way?"

"How deep should I pierce?"

"Does My florentine technique impact My overall flogging ability?"

"Can we learn some interesting rope ties?"

"What does this e-stim box feel like on *this* setting?"

Our stunt bottoms! My, they were the most ego-checked men I have ever had the honor of meeting. Yes, you read that correctly.

These men should teach etiquette classes in how to behave with wonderful, powerful women. They communicated with kindness and clarity. No "sorry", just learning experiences we won't soon forget. They bared themselves for us in many ways. I believe many of the Dominas kept themselves just as open to the potential development of their own creativity, I know I certainly did <3

We Dominas spent so much time thinking and working alongside each other, it felt as if we were at a kinky ashram for the weekend. I made true friendships I will cherish and nurture as long as I can. This level of education from the Academy is the Gold Standard of Kink education, in My humble opinion. I can't encourage participation in this fine process enough.

I'm now back in Washington feeling the urge to share what I've learned. If you're curious to try some of My new skills you may enjoy, head to My Contact section and fill out a submission form. I can't wait to hear from you! Let's play, Seattle <3

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