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Ensnared!!! A Bunny tale...

Once upon a time there was a lovely enchantress known as Mistress Charlotte who lived in a sleepy hamlet in Washington State. She made her home delightful and playful, outfitting a dungeon in the corner of her basement for her most special guests. Her garden bore her fruiting trees and a wholesome bed of vegetables. She grew Swiss chard, arugula and heirloom carrots.

The last mentioned here were a very special batch of carrots. Mistress Charlotte had enchanted her garden with a spell so that no pests or roving thieves could steal what was hers. The enchantment had a funny way of mesmerizing and paralyzing those who fell under its sway.

One day a sprightly Bunny bounded near the river bed down the road from Charlotte's home. He was ravaged and dizzy, in need of a quiet place to relax after having been chased by the wolves that lived on the edge of town. Poor Bunny, one moment he was catching a sunbeam on a warm gravelly bed near the river, the next he was hotfooting it for his life! He breathed deeply, trying to calm himself as he ambled closer to Charlotte's enchanted garden. It seemed to settle his trembling nerves to hop closer in the direction of this restorative garden patch.

Bunny didn't feel the magnetic pull of the garden's enchantment for he was only grateful for escape and shelter. This would be too easy.

Bunny nosed around the garden, taking in all of the sweet humic smells of earth and the promise of a starchy treat rooted beneath? The enchanted carrots had an aroma for Bunny that rendered him positively captive, he breathed in their perfume and the swirl of magic was starting to possess him fully. "I must taste these carrots," thought Bunny. He knew this garden was not his home, but something inside him was telling him to "eeeeeeaattt themmmmmm...." It pulsed in time with his breath, commanding him to eat the carrots.

Fully enchanted by this pleasure garden, Bunny languidly pulls a beautiful purple carrot from the ground and sighed. "But I must have you, I know I shall be fully restored of my energy if I eat you, I must..."

Just as Mistress Charlotte was walking up the path from her backyard, she saw the wiry lapine creature holding her magic heirloom carrot to his cheek. His body was gaunt and he looked weak. She saw how lost in a trance he was; Charlotte decided to remain silent and watch Bunny's next move. He was helpless as he put the carrot to his fuzzy mouth and crunched the most pleasurable crunch an herbivore could ever crunch! He was done for now!

Bunny immediately fell into a deep and restful slumber. Mistress Charlotte closed and locked the gate to her garden and gathered up Bunny in her apron before bringing him the dungeon.

When Bunny awoke, Mistress Charlotte was standing over him. "So, you like my carrots?" she quipped, her eyebrow raised.

Bunny somehow felt restored to his youthful vigor, his body felt strong and nurtured. He felt oddly aroused to see a beautiful blonde woman standing before him in such a powerful way. He was sitting on a tufted cushion on the floor; "peculiar" he thought...."my body feels very heavy and stiff."

"Well, do you like my carrots, little Bunny?" Bunny was aching in a way his body only ached when he got excited. He couldn't deny it. He LOVED her carrots!

"They are delicious, Miss. You have quite a green thumb", he stammered. In the back of his mind, he wanted to flee, but he also was ached for more of whatever he was feeling might come next. What *would* come next? Why couldn't he move?

Mistress Charlotte put her hands on her her hips and spoke frankly. "Ok, Bunny. I'm going to give you a choice, even though you had one when you decided to break into my garden."

"But I was tryin-"


"Yes, Miss," murmured the scared Bunny.

"I am not unreasonable. I plan to give you a chance for trespassing on my property. Do not interrupt me unless you want your choice taken from you. Do you understand, Bunny?"

"Yes, Miss", uttered Bunny unsurely.

"You trespassed on my property and stole from me. If this is so, then you are guilty. How do you plead?" Mistress Charlotte's breath made her bosom rise and fall in a knowing gesture of justice Bunny could not deny. He had been wrong. He was starting to sweat.....

"Guilty, Miss," he cooed. Bunny's head hung low, his hands outstretched before him in a plea for mercy, cuffed by some imaginary bondage. He was deeply under Mistress Charlotte's spell.

"Mmmm, very good. I think it is best if you pay me in kind," the words poured from her wine red lips like kind?

How could Bunny repay this debt? He carried nothing on him, he owned nothing. Then it dawned on the captive creature.

"I will have to give her my self!"

Compelled by strange forces controlling his every action, Bunny stood up and walked over to a Saint Andrew's Cross fixed to the corner. Charlotte pulled a leather hood from the rack on the wall. Teasing the soft skin of her captive Bunny, she fitted the hood over Bunny's head.

"You will settle down for a little while, understand?" Mistress Charlotte tightened the laces on the hood and turned Bunny around by the shoulders to have him face her. She placed his hooded face in her hands, whispering in his ear, "I'm going to punish you for your carelessness. You will endure this punishment, I will heal you and then you will go, having learned why it is better to ask first than to take first. Do you understand?"

Bunny was stunned silent. He had entered a void, paralyzed and aroused in the most sensuous way, his heart pounding.

He nodded his hooded head, a muffled "yyyysss mmmtrssss" consenting to his punishment. Bunny's nerves were heightened with the loss of sight; his limbs felt expansive, yet comfortably bound and trussed to the cross. His skin scintillating from the root of every pore. He longed for sensation now. He ached for a tumble into a bottomless void with this beautifully dark-hearted woman. And now he had to trust her completely.

Mistress Charlotte graced his sun-dappled skin with her fingernails, lightly at first, pressing deeply when she came to the more fleshy places. His insides jumped and a shower of electricity rained down through his body. "What is happening to me?" Bunny squirmed with restless delight, sighing and relaxing into the bondage, his body pressing into the wooded cross. What a day it was turning out to be! He felt he might die or orgasm, but somehow, both potential outcomes seemed perfectly fine to Bunny. Something in his heart was feeling satisfaction he had never known before.

The next few hours were a blur for Bunny. Mistress spared no toy in her toy bag. Bunny was subjected to gentle impact, sensations, poked, cuffed, tied up, tied down, splayed, trussed, teased and tortured to the whims and caprices of Mistress Charlotte. Bunny felt like a pinball in a machine, bouncing from one feeling to the next, and most definitely tilted!

After Mistress Charlotte placed her final toy back on the whip rack, she walked over to Bunny, unfettered his legs and arms. She sat him down at her feet. He would help her change her stockings and shoes, rub her feet and then he would be released. He moved with a knowing grace, almost by instinct. The satisfaction was boiling over in Bunny's body, he felt more useful in this gesture than he had ever felt in his life. Her calves were muscular, her feet soft but with strong toes that twisted his exposed nipples. "Ow, how?!" Bunny's head whirled. His mind was spinning, his heart wanted to burst and his groin betrayed him. He was harder than he could ever remember.

The time was over. Bunny had taken his punishment like a dutiful good boy. Somehow he was not dead from what felt like the event of his life. His skin was still attached to his body, his toes and fingers were all there. He hadn't fallen into a hole that lead to the other side of the Earth. The void he had been falling into so endlessly landed him back onto the soft cushion on which he had awoken. It was all still dark, the hood was still on his head.

"I'm going to remove your hood, Bunny. Keep your eyes closed, alright?" Mistress whispered the words gently near his ear while both her hands were placed on Bunny's hands. She unlaced his hood, slipped it from his head and laid her hand onto the crown of his head. His eyes were still squinting shut; she had dimmed the lights for Bunny's re-entry.

"Do you feel you've served an appropriate sentence for your trespassing, Bunny?" she was petting his hair reassuringly. He felt warm, comforted; she pulled a soft blanket over him while she purred in his ear. "I know you won't make that mistake again, isn't that so, Bunny?" He shook his head and nuzzled into the blanket. He had learned an important lesson and now he knew it was time for him to go.

Mistress Charlotte stood Bunny up in front of her. He looked a little dazed, but awake. He took a deep breath and squared his shoulders and turned his gaze from the floor to his Mistress. She looked into his face with a warm smile.

"Thank you, Mistress. I was very wrong to take from you. I do hope I pleased you today during my punishment." Phew! That took some energy, but Bunny was so happy to tell her how he felt.

"Bunny, you are always welcome here in my garden, you have my permission to visit me when you can. I know you understand now what happens when you take without asking. You still must ask to take, but if I can, I will give to you. Thank you for serving your punishment so beautifully. If you fancy more training, I would only be pleased to offer you the best."

With that, the Bunny beamed a most satisfied grin and hopped off into the forest.

The End...?

(I wish to extend a warm thanks to Lady Vi who shot these images during a photo trade earlier this year.)

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