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It's no secret that ever since December, adult content is under attack from the right wing. After the conservative push to put pressure on media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. to hold individual users accountable for even tame adult content, We (Myself and a metric shit ton of the adult industry) have been restrategizing how to survive the war on porn. As adults on the internet, We simply want to sell our creations to a market of potential customers who are definitely buying. You like looking at beautiful bodies, right? Twitter has been on such casualty.

While many adult creators are still present on Twitter, the way we share our content is not how it used to be. Auto tweets from Adult content sites were once a beacon for new customers to find Us. Now they serve as a target for any accounts attempting to market the old way. The solution? Turn off all of those auto tweets. The result? A rather bland and censored version of the Twitter you know and love.

This does not, however, mean that We kinky content creators are going away quietly. On the contrary, We are busy on our adult-friendly platforms filling up our pages with video, audio, and photo content that you want to buy!

I've been working on updating My fan pages. Each platform is unique, but each offer something fun and different. I also tend to attract different audiences for each platform. I'm always adding more content and want to put it out to My customers that I make custom-content, too.

On LoyalFans, I have more Mommy Domme and Giantess Fetish content.

On JustForFans, I have amassed a nice assortment of foot fetish content that I'm only too happy to share.

On NiteFlirt, I have an assortment of photos and a growing list of videos as well as phone lines where you may reach Me.

The last platform I'd like to highlight is Streamate. I really adore the attention I get from camming. I have had so many fulfilling exchanges camming with so many kinky subs, sissies, slaves, and objects. I want to interact with live people and this has been a great substitute for in-person sessions during the pandemic. I love to intimidate with My strap-on and whisper threats in My ASMR voice. I wear many hats, but at My core, I am an ever-expanding, kinky being enjoying My human experience. Join Me. Come watch and worship.

We are still here, but Adult-oriented experiences have simply been annexed to safer platforms. Come join Me on My chosen platforms and help Me in support My Fempire.

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