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Integration is Key

This summer, we have all been faced with examination of self and because of the pandemic, we have had the time to do some deep digging. I've found this to be a great source of renewal of personal power for me and my ProDom practice. One such opportunity for growth was found through DomCon.

I knew going into this convention that since it was online-based, it wouldn't have the same feeling as most of their events in DomCon's 17 year history. However, I knew this was a chance to share virtual space with intelligent and poised ProDom's who embodied the confidence and power I had been feeling was just out of reach for me. The pandemic has left many of us feeling a bit isolated, so it felt right on time for me.

Ever since moving my practice completely to virtual sessions, I've felt slightly disconnected to potential pets and I knew I needed to fix that. I was really missing the electricity that permeated the air when a new supplicant would bow to me the very first time we met. The answer to this sense of loss was to read and learn as much as I could, and DomCon fit really well into that idea. It felt like a great place to learn and ask questions in a safe setting centering FemDom's.

Even virtually, I was impressed by the level of expertise from so many of the presenters. I took copious notes and attended all three days of classes. I felt like I had digested so much important information that it took me a few days to come up from my review. The most confirming thing I took away from the entire weekend was to practice mindfulness more. It is of equal importance for the Mistress to be self aware and present in her actions as it is for the submissive or slave to remain present in their service. It is difficult to calm the mind of a slave if one's own mind can't be quieted.

In many ways, I had had this notion in mind all along, I just needed to hear another Mistress put it in such affirming terms. Just his July, I had slowed down enough to begin a meditation practice that was very positive and healing for me. Somehow, putting together that kind of zen mindfulness with my online submissives was the key.

The interesting caveat about this revelation is that it struck me when it did. I've had wonderful teachers through the years who have impressed upon me the importance of staying present with my bottom/submissive and I always have. To a degree. What I took away from that weekend was something deeper than any word could define. Something shifted for me and it looks like a much more cool, calm, and in charge Goddess Charlotte.

I welcome you to learn more about me, come chat with me on Streamate, and submit to me when you are ready.

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