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Summer is in full swing and I'm itching to travel! I've arranged to fly down to the Mecca of Kink: the San Francisco Bay Area! Your Goddess will be available for sessions from August 4-6th in a beautifully appointed Mid-Market dungeon. I encourage all Bay Area denizens and those of parts north, south, and east to check your calendar and send Me your application if you wish to serve the Goddess in person.

The Bay is home to some of the most important and storied figures in Kink, Leather, & BDSM. Beyond that, San Francisco is an epicenter for both performing and fine arts, literature, poetry, political involvement, organizing, and action! Kinksters often cross many of those lines to be involved and contribute to the energy that makes San Francisco as wonderful and convivial as it its. I am so pleased to be playing in the Heart of the Kink neighborhood when I come to visit. Are you ready to join Me here?

I'm interested in seeing all types of people including men (cis or trans), women (cis or trans), and of course all those kinky cuties that traverse non-binary territories. If you're unsure but curious, just let Me know in your application and I can work with you. I love to play with genderfuckery if you want to try on difference looks or identities in the safety of the Dungeon. I will have wigs and panties for you to try on with enough notice.

I plan to bring lingerie, nylons, heels, boots, & leather to wear as well as an assortment of impact toys, piercing supplies, My special brand of mindfuckery, humiliation play, sadistic scenarios, CBT supplies, bondage cuffs, large insertions, collar, leash, and gags. If you have any special requests, please state those in your application.

If you're just as excited to dive back into the dungeon with a real Leather Goddess, start Here and complete your application. Send in the appropriate documents and you'll be on your way to serving Me in a true San Francisco Dungeon. You just may leave your heart there, too.

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