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Have you ever ached to submit yourself to the whims of powerful and devious women who just so happen to know a thing or two about Domination?

Dream no longer, for this is reality. This August, several dozen Professional Domina's will pour into LAX with our best fetish wear and our finest dungeon toys for a weekend of education, peacocking, and frivolity! We know we will be a spectacle and we want you to see us.

This will be My very first DOMCON LA and in My home state! I am quite excited to be back in California for this unique event. While this may be My first time attending, I am no stranger to Leather conferences, contests, and play parties and this convention promises all three. From what I have gathered from My research, there will be a pet parade, a Sissy pageant, and promise of High Fetish Glamour on display.

Domina's, Goddesses, Mistresses, Daddies, Mommies, Sadistic Stylists, Brats, Bitches, and Princesses will be the focus of this event. This event is for US and those who appreciate and center FemDom. Deferential submissives, service subs, betas, bimbo dollies, babies, pups, erotic slaves, and human furniture are allowed to attend with good manners and a solid sense of respect to the event and the host hotel. No nudity is allowed in any common spaces so prepare responsibly.

"Goddess Charlotte, this sounds fun. When is the event?"

DOMCON LA runs from August 18-23rd.

"Goddess, is there still time for me to register and attend?

There is still time to register, yes! Day passes are available and I do believe weekend passes are, too.

First, click through here for more info on how to register for the event and if you are planning to stay in the host hotel, you will need to make arrangements. More resources, portals to book a hotel room, and event schedules are available on the DOMCON LA website.

Second, if you wish to book a session with Me at DOMCON, I will need you to complete My dungeon application here to the best of your abilities. Follow My policies and procedures and be on your best behavior at the event.

I look forward to having you serve Me in L.A.!

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