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Suffer for Summer

Cock and Ball Torment

Prepare to suffer for Me this Summer.

Beginning on June 15th and exclusively on LoyalFans, I will be challenging you to last (or languish) in chastity for the entire summer. The goal is to make it all the way to Labor Day (September 5th). 

The only way to join is to Subscribe to My LOYALFANS page.


You'll be expected to send Me DAILY photo evidence through LoyalFans messenger system

I love watching you crumble, your ardent expression melt into desperation when I say "NO".

It's absolutely hilarious to watch!

You look ridiculous when you try to bargain!

But I delight in your anguish, so I know we will have a blast, you and Me.

Your hand-assisted climaxes will be the last priority and I, along with My demented sense of humor, will have a wildly fun summer torturing you in My own sadistic way! 

This summer is going to be fun, painful, weird, exciting, and frustrating!

I can't wait!

Thinking abut "cheating"? 

You will only cheat YOURSELF.

Are you a Quitter?

I didn't think so.


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